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221. Ludwig (Ludwick) (Lodowick) Albright (Albrecht) (Married Anna Maria Keller (Anna Mariah Okeller) (#222) on 18 August 1751 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Source of the information: Larry and Kathryn Priest, members of Brick Church, NC rootsweb listsearch (DAR #529295))

Born: 11 November 1731 in Pfalz, Bayern, Germany of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht) (393/433/441) and Anna Barbara Gossauer (394/434/442).

Died: 16 November 1810 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He is buried at the Brick Church Cemetery in Guilford (now Alamance) County, North Carolina, beside his wife. Brick Church records indicate, "Ludwig Albrecht s/o John, of Henry (11 Nov 1731) (16 Nov 1810). (Ludwig Albrecht ist gebohren den 11 Nofember AD 1731 und is gestorban d 16 Nofember AD 1810 ist a w 79 1 5D") Age 79 y 5 d.


[His siblings included:

Magdalena Albrecht (Matelina "Magdalina") (Married: Phillip “Lebs” Foust) Born: 20 February 1715 / 16 (about 1718) in Germany. Died: 5 April 1789 in Berks County, Pennsylvania;

John Christian Albrecht (Married: Elizabeth Gertrude Rick in 1745 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.) Born: 9 October 1726 in Germany. He became a naturalized citizen in 1761-Penn. Archives, 3rd series. Died: 3 May 1784 in Alsace Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania;

Jacob Albright (197/217) (Married Sophia Catharine Welder (198/218) in 1746/47 (about 1746) in Berks County, Pennsylvania). Born: ? 1748 (1727) in Berks county, Pennsylvania (in Germany) According to his tombstone at Stoner's Cemetery, he was born in 1729 Died: 1791, according to his tombstone at Stoner's Cemetery in (Orange County, North Carolina.)

Judith Albright (Married: Jacob Heck in 1753 in Berks county, Pennsylvania.) Born: 1 June 1734 in Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Died: Before 1850 in Pennsylvania;

Anna Barbara Albright (Married: Johannes "John" Foust Sr. about 1740 in Pennsylvania) Born: 10 October 1719 in Germany. Died: 1 March 1802 at the age of 82 in Orange (now Alamance) County, North Carolina; buried at Stoner's Church, Alamance Co. NC. (The source of this blue information is Stoner's (Steiner's) Church records...a copy of Calvin Hinshaw's transcription of Rev. D. I. Offman's translation)]. (The source of the green information is e-mail from Maria Bruce 2005 (



It is likely that Ludwick arrived as a passenger on The Johnson Galley of London into the port of Philadelphia, PA on 18 September 18 1732 with his father Johannes, mother Anna, and some of his siblings. [Note in the list of passengers below, there is a Johannes above 16 years, an Anna above 14, two boys under 16, and three girls under 14. Lodawick would have been almost one year old. Jacob would have been about three years old. Barbara is probably Anna Barbara. Anna Barbara would have been 13. Matelina would have been close to 14. Christiana might be an additional sister who should be listed above; or perhaps, since John Christian is missing from the list, but would have six at the time, a mistake was made in the list. Maybe "Christiana" should have been "Christian" and listed as another boy under 16.] [Note: Another ancestor of Susan Snyder (#2), (Valentine Renner (155), was on the ship.]

From The Albrights (copyright 1981 TXU 69-571 By: Shannon D. Albright [found at the Ft. Worth Public Library], paraphrased by Susan Leach Snyder): Three of John Albright (Johannes Albrecht)'s (393,433,441) children, Jacob, Ludwig, and Barbara, left Berks Co., Pa. for Orange Co., N.C. in the 1760's. High taxes and land prices probably prompted their move. They settled in the Haw River plains of northern North Carolina, an area of rich farm land. The Albrights settled among others of German descent along the Alamance and Stinking Quarter Creeks. This part of Orange Co. was later divided to form Alamance (1849) and Guilford Counties.

Court records in Orange Co., N.C. show that Lodowick (Ludwig) Albright purchased 325 acres of land from Henry McCullough in August 1763.

It is not known exactly when Ludwig and Anna Maria left their home in Pennsylvania and moved to N.C. It probably was not much before his land purchase in 1763. It seems likely that at least five of their eight children (John- born about 1750, Anna Barbara- born in 1754, Phillip - born in 1756, Jacob - born in 1758, and John Ludwig (111) in 1761) were born in Pennsylvania. Once the family had moved to North Carolina, Caty was born in 1763, George in 1766, and Daniel in 1771. For many years the family lived at Guilford Court House, N.C.

Lodawick (Ludwig) Albright became a naturalized citizen 22 March 1763. He had record of service in the American Revolutionary War.(DAR #529295)

Land Grant Records of North Carolina, Volume I, Orange County, 1752-1885 by Pat Shaw Bailey, 1990, p. 1 shows that Lodowick Albright was granted a 320 acre parcel with an entry date of 10 June 1778. It was near the waters of Gun Creek. It had been originally documented in Book 40 on page 266. Ludowick Albright was granted a 50 acre parcel, which had an entry date of 13 February 1797. Its location was near Joshua Holt's corner. It had been originally recorded in Book 100 on page 385.

At some point, Ludwig and his wife became members of a church that was eventually called "The Old Brick Church," and when they died, they were buried in the church cemetery. The "Old Brick Church" is located six miles south of Burlington at the confluence of the Alamance and Stinking Quarter Creeks in what is now Guilford County. According to the Brick Church (Guilford County, N.C.) records, transcribed from the original records by Rev. D. I. Offman, typed from a carbon copy of Rev. D. I. Offman's translation by Calvin Hinshaw, and proof read by Hinshaw and David Holt in 1959, the first name of the church was “The Church on Beaver Creek”, the second name was “The Klapp Church” ("Der Klapp Kirche", and the third name was “The Brick Church.”

The Guilford Genealogist, Published by the Guilford County Genealogical Society of N.C., Vol 23, No.2, Spring 1996, p 65 states that church records say, "Ludwig Albrecht, s/o John, of Henry was born 11 November 1731 and died 16 November 1810, 79 y 5 d." His original tombstone states “Ludwig Albrecht ist gebohren den 11 November A O 1731 und ist gestorban d 16 Nofember A O 1810 ist a w 79 1 5D”.

On April 26, 2006 Norman Sharpe (Great Great Great Grandson), Helen Leach (#4) (Great Great Great Granddaughter) and Sandra Henson, Mary Lue Finch, and Susan Snyder (#2)... all Great Great Great Great Granddaughters.... visited Brick Church. It was drizzling when these pictures were taken.


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